Grace Fury: A Voice With Legs


Expanding upon her 2018-2019 film festival success with Grace Fury, Scottish dancer/ballerina turned choreographer/filmmaker, Laura Carruthers, reconciles her doubts and desires to make an independent feature film by reflecting on her foundations, retracing her steps, and assembling her discoveries. Grace Fury: A Voice With Legs emerges. With a dynamic cast of professional dancers, Carruthers takes us on a *lyrical* journey through her mind and experience over the years in tradition and on the creative frontier.

Playfully expressed in body and word, with much left to mystery and interpretation, her graceful musings, intimate to cosmic, become the film itself. As she spirals through “the elements” of her journey, she wrestles with core insights, questions, hopes and frustrations that both empower and confront the artist, firsthand – unsheltered by industry or institution. In a final moment of darkness, she draws strength from the stars. She rebounds, reaches out to open hearts and minds, and finds new resolve to keep going from a different place of awareness and purpose on her road less traveled.

The grace and fury of one woman’s passion can embody and move big ideas.

The film is a song of devotion and defiance, in unique “dance-umentary” format, with only the last fifteen minutes offering a more familiar, behind-the-scenes view of her making from different cast and crew perspectives. She speaks to everyone and all ages, but especially to lovers of artistic freedom, exploration, and purpose…to curious imaginations that want to groove with the music, movements, images, and ideas, bonded at the heart of an artist, as she grows from dancer to filmmaker to Grace Fury: A Voice With Legs.