Grace Fury Cast & Crew

Executive Producer
Carruthers & Co., LLC

Grace Fury Action: Laura Carruthers - Photo by JReiss

Producer, Director, Choreographer, Production Designer, Writer, Editor, Voice
Laura Carruthers

Mark Grossman

Associate / Casting Producers
John J.Todd, Matthew Powell, Seth Belliston

Seth Belliston, Laura Carruthers, Matthew Powell, John J. Todd, Kim Mikesel,
Deanna Doyle, Richard Glover, Evan Swenson, Monica Stephenson,
Lauren Hamilton, Lawrence Neuhauser, Kelly Ann Sloan,
& Carlos Hopuy

Mark Grossman, Laura Carruthers

Grace Fury_Camera, Direction, Lighting_Photo by TPratt
Alex Theatre – Glendale, California Unit

Chief Director of Photography
Anka Malatynska, ASC

 Documentary Camera
Liz Hinlein

Production Manager, First Assistant Director
Kim “Kacy” Palmieri

Co-Director of Photography
Danny Alaniz

 Lighting Designer
Jared A. Sayeg

Light Programmer, Board Operator
Chris Osborne

Grace Fury_Center House Camera_Photo by TPratt

Camera Operators
Danny Alaniz, Michael “Jake” Kerber,
Edd Lukas, James Takata

James Takata

Camera Assistants
Barry Sebert, Tom Funk, Daniel “Benny” Bailey

 Data Managers
Lance Hashida, Jennifer O’Leary, Mark Grossman

Dolly Grips
Paulie Lambiase, Deric Ned, Casey Slade

Grace Fury: Touch Up - Photo by JReiss

Lead Make-Up/Hair
Ann “Abby” Lyle Clawson

Key Makeup Assistant to Ms. Lyle
Emily Blackmun

Makeup Assistant to Ms. Blackmun
Michelle Anyanwu

The Dancers

Wardrobe Consultant
Richard Glover

Wardrobe Assistants
Ann “Abby” Lyle, Seth Belliston

Still Photographers
Josh Reiss, Terry Pratt

Catering/Craft Service
Andrea Bessey, LA Spice Catering

 Production Assistants
Velvet Blackbear, Abelardo “Abel” Orta

Set Construction
Darrell Comte, ArizonaTheme Built

Grace Fury: From The House - Photo by TPratt
Alex Theatre – House Staff & Crew

Director of Marketing and Events
Maria Sahakian

Theatre Manager
Jack Allaway

Tech/Stage Liasion, Superviser
Robert O’Neill

Event Services Manager (Front of House)
Lee Lightfoot

 Master Electrician
Brendan Grevatt

Stage Electricians
Kyle Ross, Max Foreman,
Jacob DeWilde, Brianna Pattillo

House Audio
Darren Mora

Master Carpenter
Boston Stergis

Stage Carpenters
David Hemphill

Equipment Vendors
Hollywood Rentals
Atomic Production Supplies
JL Fisher, Inc.
Rose Brand
Tempe Camera

Grace Fury at Ancient Stone Carving Scotland

Argyll, Scotland Unit

Director of Photography
Alan McSheehy

Assistant Director of Photography
Alick Fraser

Sound Operator / Recordist
Cameron Mercer

Jib Operator
Kenneth Moulson

PDG Helicopters

Grace Fury: On A Road Less Traveled

Carefree & Kirkland, AZ Unit

Director of Photography
Jim Jacques

First Camera Assistant
Mark Grossman

Production Assistant
Renee Sarkis

Torsten Voss


Pasadena Dance Theatre, CA Unit

Director of Photography
James Chressanthis, ASC

First Assistant Camera
Scott Birnkrant

Key Grip & Dolly
Scott Johnston

Production Manager
Mark Grossman

Production Assistant, Props Master
Steve Heggarty

Production Vendors
Panavision, Inc,
Chapman/Leonard, Inc.,
Grosh Backdrops & Drapery,
J L Fisher, Inc.


Brigadoon – Frederick Loewe
Prologue/ Brigadoon
Down in MacConnachy Square
Come to Me, Bend to Me
The Chase
I’ll Go Home With Bonnie Jean

Johann Sebastian Bach
Goldberg Variation No. 22
Invention No. 4
Toccata and Fugue
Sifonia No. 15

John Allan
The Opening
Performed by John Allan (ASCAP)

Francis “Fritz” A. Doddy
Fire: Ablaze
Earth: Groundwork
Wind: Freedom Finale

Performed by Elias Arts LLC
Elias Arts Music Design (ASCAP)

Laura Carruthers
Other and all traditional and Classical music arrangements

Music Mastering
Matthew Murman

Film & Audio Mix/Mastering
Bob Giammarco
AE Media, Inc. – NY/Phoenix

Grace Fury: Cast & Crew - Photo by TPratt

Special Thanks

Connie Carruthers, Mark Grossman,
James Chressanthis,
John J. Todd, Seth Belliston,
Matthew Powell, Deanna Doyle,
John Abarta (pipes & Percussion),
John Allan, Susan Winsberg,
Fritz Doddy, Vincenzo Lorusso,
Cynthia Young – PDT,
Bob Harvey – Panavision,
David Stoller – Enterprise Travel,
Robert Schimmel – KOWL

To all friends and colleagues, at home and abroad, who have inspired and helped along the way