Critical Comments

“Thought provoking and freeing, immensely entertaining and trailblazing…to weave together all of these artistic disciplines into a cohesive whole is nothing short of miraculous and impossible to forget…leaves you ready to watch it again…an absolute must see for connoisseurs of the arts and unique, compelling artistic expressions.”

— Richard Propes,
The Independent Critic

“…master visionary with that magic combination of creative rebelliousness to make her mark…a fully immersive, fantastical experience…a journey of self-discovery through the eyes of a dancer that dares to challenge the paradigms…an important story with a very human appeal…”

— Jana Ritter
in Magazine /

“…a very good job on the editing… It really did capture the beauty of the art form and how fluid those movements are…There’s a level of calmness that comes with watching these performances… so much honesty in the way she is delivering her thoughts…this documentary was refreshing and inspiring. True creatives and artists will appreciate the work that has been done.”

— Amanda Guarragi,
Candid Cinema

“…can’t help but notice a natural exuberance and magnetism that translate across Celtic, classical, and contemporary techniques…Her overarching artistic philosophy is intrinsically bound to her unshakable insistence that art have a place in today’s increasingly money-focused and conformist culture…impossible not to be inspired…The film is a beautifully intimate experience… but it also speaks to the greater human experience.”

— Analise Electra Smith-Hinkley,
Notes From The Salon

“…definitely one of the most rare and unique artist/storytellers I’ve come across in a long time.”

— Mike Sargent,
Reelworld/Niteshift, WBAI-FM / NYC

“Breathtaking choreography and cinematography…riveting, thought-provoking…biopic dance documentary interspersed with poetic narration and gorgeous scenic video clips…”

— Wendy Schadewald,
Short Redhead Reel Reviews

“The piece seems to combine all the training, technique, and passion Laura has for all the forms she’s explored into a kind of catharsis… explores the childlike frivolity of the title character, but also offers social critique, a call to action…”

— Joya Mia Italiano
Huffington Post

“…breathing new life into Scottish Highland Dancing…Grace Fury offers up boundless variety.”

— Pop Culture Passionistas

“…stunning…well executed, well scripted, and well performed…”

— Herbert Golder,
Writer, Director, Professor of Classical Studies,
Boston University